Sports Quotes

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Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

— Bobby Unser

Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.

— Michael Jordan

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

— Vince Lombardi

Football is football and talent is talent. But the mindset of your team makes all the difference.

— Robert Griffin III

Sports do not build character. They reveal it.

— Heywood Broun

You can’t win unless you learn how to lose.

— Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.

— Michael Phelps

Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.

— Dan Gable

It’s just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up.

— Muhammad Ali

The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.

— Babe Ruth

Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.

— Vince Lombardi

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

— Hunter S. Thompson

The only time my prayers are never answered is on the golf course.

— Billy Graham

Champions keep playing until they get it right.

— Billie Jean King

Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.

— Mike Singletary

There are only two seasons – winter and Baseball.

— Bill Veeck

To find a man’s true character, play golf with him.

— P. G. Wodehouse

Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face.

— Dave Barry

I am building a fire, and everyday I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match.

— Mia Hamm

My motto was always to keep swinging. Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging.

— Hank Aaron
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